Servicios de Ingeniería para la industria de la pintura

With over 45 years of experience in paint application, fluid handling and surface coating technology, JOMAR has unprecedented knowledge and experience in paint application and circulation systems.

JOMAR's Integrated Solutions Division provides a complete service of consulting, design and installation of systems to customers who require turnkey solutions or the upgrade of existing systems. Using our high-quality fluid handling and paint application products and backed by our highly experienced and trained team, you can rest assured that any system project we undertake will be competitively priced, built to last, and provide a real and sustainable return on investment.

Our team is made up of a backbone of experienced engineers, all with considerable experience in the development and management of FLUID SYSTEMS. From Jomar , the support and technical / after-sales service of the projects carried out is guaranteed. , with acontinuous service to our customers.

JOMAR's Integrated Solutions Division can help you by:

  • Provide a consulting service, design and installation of painting systems for turnkey systems that use state-of-the-art manual and automated spray finishing and fluid handling equipment.
  • Manage the installation project of your new system from consulting and design to the complete ignition of production, with support and backup service thereafter.
  • Evaluate your existing facility to provide guidance on remodels and upgrades, including potential efficiency gains, energy and paint savings, and the implementation of new technology.
  • Testing and demonstration of new products and techniques in our test laboratory in Seville (Spain).
  • Evaluation of new paint and fluid products and how they will work in existing fluid application and circulation systems.

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