▷ The hardness tester is used to quickly determine the hardness of surfaces

Hardness Meter

The hardness tester is used for the quick determination of the hardness of surfaces and is available in the store. This hardness meter is suitable, depending on the type, for measuring the hardness of metals, plastic, rubber, textiles. The hardness is indicated either directly in Rockwell B, Rockwell C, Vickers HV, Brinell HB, Shore HS, Leeb HL, or in hardness units according to DIN ISO.

Especially in production, quality control and the service sector, this hardness tester is very successful thanks to its mobile use. This allows you to perform checks with minimal effort at maximum speed. The principle of material hardness measurements is always the same. It only differentiates between the static and the dynamic method for measurement.

Using the Hardness Meter for Metallic Materials, surface hardnesses of steel, cast iron, tool steel, stainless steel, gray cast, aluminum alloys, brass, bronze and copper can be checked quickly, accurately and easily. The other instruments are used to determine the Shore hardness of rubber, plastics or textiles (version with and without drag indicator).

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