Here you will find a wide range of measuring instruments for different sectors

You can find measuring instruments such as handheld meters, fixed installation instrumentation, and measurement, analysis and research tools. Data collection is gaining in importance in industry, among professionals and in the private sector. Practical measuring instruments that operate quickly and accurately, providing accurate results during measurement, are mainly in demand.

Surface measuring instruments for professionals in companies and laboratories

In this section you will find surface measurement instruments to detect coating thickness, surface roughness, gloss, hardness, flatness, distance, etc. Especially hardness is gaining more and more importance in surface measurements. In this sector you will find in our online store analog and digital measuring instruments with their respective technical sheets (for metallic materials, but also for plastics and rubbers)

Roughness meters are used to quickly measure surface roughness. Roughness meters tell you the value of the mean roughness (Ra) and the depth of the mean roughness (Rz) in µm. You can request an ISO calibration certificate for almost any model, allowing you to integrate your device into your internal quality control and ensure reproducible measurement results. Our technical department will be happy to advise you on surface measuring instruments.

Moisture measurement

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