Cabina de Mangas

Sleeves Cabin

In this section Jomar offers you the different types of Sleeves Cabins.

Blasting Equipment of all kinds with Suction, Direct Pressure and Wet Blasting Machines. Special Equipment and also Automatic Equipment:

  • Dry and wet glove blasting booths (blasting equipment).
  • Sandblasting equipment, blasting guns and manual sandblasting machines.
  • Manual blasting machines and automatic blasting machines.
  • Blasting booths with water and abrasive, wet blasting.
  • Special blasting machines with jet gun movement.
  • Direct pressure blasting equipment, cyclone blasting machines.
  • Shot blasting and sandblasting machines without dust, sandblasting machine with dust extraction.
  • Satellite blasting machines.
  • Blasting booth with recovery of the abrasive, blasting in a closed circuit.
  • Manual shot blasting machines with glass microspheres, corundum, shot, plastic abrasive and ceramic abrasive.