Granalladora Manual

Manual Shot Blasting Machine

The only tool in the world that “sweeps” everything: capable of achieving a roughness depth of up to 120 µm and a surface preparation level of between Sa 2½ and Sa 3.

  • Elimination of corrosion, coatings, scale and remains of adhesive products.
  • Level of surface preparation comparable to Sa 2½ - Sa 3 according to DIN EN ISO 8501-1.
  • Roughness depths up to 120 µ
  • ATEX certification for zone 1 (Ex II 2G c IIA T4 X).
  • Fast, flexible and profitable.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly handling.
  • Ideal for repair and upgrade work and for treating weld joints.

Bristle Blaster® allows deep corrosion and coating removal very quickly. At the same time, the Bristle Blaster® generates a surface preparation level comparable to Sa 2½ - Sa 3 and a roughness depth of up to 120 µm. Our technology offers numerous advantages over conventional surface treatment methods:


  • Removal of corrosion, coatings, scale and adhesive residues.
  • Surface preparation comparable to DIN EN ISO 8501-1, from Sa 2½ to Sa 3.
  • Surface roughness depth up to 120 µm.
  • Minimal erosion of the base material.
  • High resistance to cracks, fatigue and stress cracking thanks to the compaction of the surface.
  • No heat damage or fingerprints on the treated surface.
  • Effective removal of viscous coatings without fouling or greasing the brushes.


  • Preparation times are short, as the equipment is lightweight and portable.

  • There are no transport costs for abrasive material.

  • There is no cost to dispose of the contaminated shot.

  • No need to isolate the work environment.

  • Treating a surface with Bristle Blaster® does not prevent or hinder normal work in the immediate vicinity.

  • Power consumption is low.


  • Reduced vibration.

  • ATEX certification for works in zone 1 according to Ex II 2G c IIA T4 X (Bristle Blaster® pneumatic).

  • The sound pressure level is low and does not exceed 83.2 dB (A).

  • Protective clothing is not required.

  • Lightweight and ergonomic construction.


  • No material harmful to the environment is used.

  • There are no transport costs for abrasive material.

  • It is not necessary to dispose of contaminated shot.

  • Dust development is minimal.

  • Power consumption is very low.