Chorreado Interior de Tuberías

Internal Pipe Blasting

"Highest standards for shot blasting and tube coating require optimum quality tools to get the job done"

Tubes connect our world. Its applications are multiple: as transport pipes in the energy sector, in the industrial sector or as construction elements. Modern coatings sustainably protect tubes against corrosion, but place severe demands on substrate preparation.

The internal pipe blasting equipment removes corrosion, dust and other debris from inaccessible areas inside the pipe quickly, effectively and reliably. The operation is simple: a tube tool is attached to a blast hose and the tool travels from end to end of the tube. Shot blast technology applies a 360 ° shot blast flow to the inner wall and produces a uniform shot blast finish ready for any coating.

Selecting the correct tool for the tube requires an exact dimensioning of the tube. Smaller internal diameter tube, up to 304mm, is best treated with a JMP BLAST tool, which uses a deflector cone to create the 360 ° blast pattern. For tubes with internal dimensions greater than 304 mm, JMP BLAST recommends the tool that uses a rotating blast head to achieve a high impact finish and uniformity. JMP BLAST tube tools can be used inside tubes up to 1,500 mm diameter.

The rotating blast head is activated either by a compressed air inlet or by a separate air motor. When larger diameter pipes or a large volume of pipes are to be shot blasting, jOMAR recommends the use of a pipe tool driven by an air motor, which creates the perfect balance between precision, maximum reliability, durability and large blast volume. .