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Low Pressure Sandblasting Machine

Jomar offers in this section a great variety of models ofAdjustable low pressure portable sandblasters.

SandblastersThey are often used in a wide variety of jobs. It should be noted thatsandblastersSmaller, they are used for small restoration or touch-up work. Whereas, sandblasters with larger tanks are used for restoration, industrial and construction work.blast rooms.What's more,in outdoor work for the treatment of large surfaces, blasting of structures, cleaning of facades, etc.

Jomar With more than 40 years of experience, it helps you choose theportable sandblasting machineAnd fromabrasive grain(corundum, microspheres, shot, carbon silicate or slag, iron silicate, iron shot, copper slag, etc.), which you should use, depending on each application.

Main characteristics of portable sandblasters:

  • Sandblasting equipmentFor blasting and blasting large structures both outdoors and inside the warehouse and workshop.
  • Low pressure sandblasting machines ideal for restoration work.
  • Versatile portable sandblasters of various sizes.
  • Robust valves with simple assembly system for all components.
  • Equipped with complete equipment, helmet, hoses, mouthpieces and respirator filter for the operator.

CAPACITY (liters)Fifteen2580120
NOZZLE (mm)2 and 4477
PRESSURE (bar)0.5-80.5-80.5-80.5-8
FLOW RATE (lt / min)10001300400040,000
COMPRESSOR (cv)10Fifteen4040