Sandblasting machine

PORTABLE BLASTING MACHINES, in this section we offer you the best sandblasting machines for all types of abrasive blasting applications.

The blasting machine is the core of abrasive blasting using a pressure reservoir for the abrasive. The JOMAR product range offers different sizes and variants of tanks, so that the best possible sandblasting machine can be used for each application and for each environment, whether it is used mobile or fixed.

We offer very compact and extremely mobile blast equipment sandblasters with a ½ "pipe section, ideal for smaller jobs where easy transport of the sandblaster is required. For our larger tanks we use pipe sections of 1¼ ", which have been established as the standard for performance and mobility. Due to the larger section of the tube, the pressure loss due to friction in the pipes is less. In this range we offer tanks for jet equipment between 50 and 300 liters

All our sandblasters are suitable for all types of abrasives , thus covering a wide spectrum of applications. We can offer suitable solutions even for very fine abrasives that often do not flow well. In general, when it comes to abrasive blasting, it is often referred to as "sandblasting", although sand as an abrasive itself is no longer common for health reasons.

A question that is often asked about sandblasting is the question of the right compressor to be able to efficiently use the blast machine's sandblasting machine. A common mistake is to associate the correct compressor with the size of the tank, since the required compressor depends rather on the size of the respective nozzle and the corresponding air flow rate. Therefore, for sandblasting it does not matter whether you use a 100 or a 200 liter tank.

Before we ship our areandoras we check their operation, so that they can be used immediately after delivery without the need for further adjustments. All tanks are CE certified and therefore comply with the most current standards. When it comes to selecting materials, we highly value quality and long-lasting durability. In order to keep the tank running without major investment, we also guarantee the supply of spare parts, whether it is replacing worn ball valves or individual valve parts are required.

If you decide on one of our blast cleaning systems, you will receive a complete system that, in addition to the sandblasting machine, also contains the rest of the equipment, such as the hose, the nozzle and the safety equipment. Therefore, our blast cleaning systems are ideal as a start-up package, so you don't have to worry about purchasing the correct package.

  • TYPES OF ABRASIVE: Shot Steel ball Copper slag Garnet Olivino, silica sand, aluminum silicate, ...
  • APPLICATIONS: Shipyards. Metallic structures. Bridges. Tanks Boilerworks. Refineries Restoration. Facades