Airmix - Mixtos

Airmix - Mixtos

Jomar is an Official Distributor and SAT of GRACO, a national leader with more than 40 years of experience in the sector. This section offers you a great variety of professional painting equipment for painting ASSISTED AIR SYSTEM "MIXED EQUIPMENT", for Finishing work.

The air-assisted feature simply offers the ability to operate the equipment efficiently at lower pressure ranges, a desirable feature for high-finish jobs. Plus, the 18-liter supply capacity gives AAA sprayers a production advantage over HVLPs for larger jobs, yet with similar transfer efficiency and finish quality.

MERKUR: High-end, High-Performance Spray Sets.

The new and improved Merkur ™ assemblies are designed to outperform and outlast other pumps in their class. With more models and configurations to choose from, get the pressure and flow you need with the highest precision for your finishing applications.

The right flow at the right pressure to meet all your spraying needs.

With four air motor sizes and thirteen different models to choose from, Merkur Perfect Finishing Systems are designed to improve productivity, reduce costs and emissions, and provide a consistent, high-quality finish in all your applications.

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✔ Pressure Relation 25:1 - Caudal 2.8 l/m✔ Complete equipment: HTV 250, Mini Xtreme Mix and 5 m. of air hose and productRevolutionary System Fuelle Vertical (no packaging)Ideal for complex products: Water bases, Finishes and quick drying fundsIdeal products High reactivity and hardness. Ultraviolet, Polyacrylic, PU fast drying. Special Barnics Water Base. Lightweight and manageable pump while powerful.Suitable for all types of industrial finishes, both in solvent base and water. Great flow.