Airless Autónomo

Autonomous Airless

JOMAR official distributor of GRaco with more than 40 years of experience, puts at your disposal in this section the different AUTONOMOUS AIRLESS EQUIPMENTS .

  • GMAX II: It is the ideal equipment to spray a wide range of coatings in residential, commercial and industrial jobs. The 5900 HD and 7900 HD models easily accommodate the most common nozzle diameters and thickest coatings. GMax perfectly sprays acrylics, primers, emulsions, water-based paints and solvent-based paints. The HD version also accepts most airless plasters and intumescent and anticorrosive paints.

  • DUTYMAX.: DutyMax sprayers are powerful hydraulic equipment for heavy-duty applicators that spray a wide variety of materials, from plastic and acrylic paints to elastomers, in large-scale commercial and residential job sites. optimized for effective spraying of heavy-duty materials such as plasters, bituminous, fire retardant paints and liquid waterproofing solutions DutyMax 300DI equipment is robust, reliable and strong enough to withstand heavy-duty jobs with heavy-duty materials , even with 2 or 3 guns.

  • GH ™ Big Rigs ™: GH Sprayers are powerful tools that allow you to spray a wide variety of materials: from airless paint and plasters to roofing materials, waterproofing materials and protective coatings. Our GH833 compact entry level sprayer is ideal for high productivity professional applicators. The GH933 uses maximum pressure to apply the toughest industrial coatings. Our GH 733/933/1017/2570/5040 sprayers can be adapted to numerous applications, compensating for high pressure with high flow rates.