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COMET Italian company that operates in three key sectors, two dedicated to components and one to finished products: agriculture, industry and cleaning.

Our cleaning division includes a wide range of hot and cold water high pressure cleaners , meeting the requirements of many different types of customers and dedicated to home and professional use. This range of products has recently been expanded with the introduction of two new lines, vacuum cleaners and scrubbers, thanks to which we can present ourselves on the market with a complete range for the entire cleaning sector, both semi-professional and professional.

Low, Medium and High Pressure Piston, Diaphragm and Centrifugal Pumps - This is the Agriculture Division range that we offer to spraying and weeding machine manufacturers. The quality and durability of our pumps is an additional feature that our customers constantly recognize and that has made us world leaders in this field for many years.

The range of the Industry Division, on the other hand, consists of pumps high pressure piston, both axial and triplex, used in many sectors, from systems car wash to washing machines road and typical industrial cleaning applications and urban, to allow our clients to find the appropriate solutions to all their needs.


The key to Comet success is the company's ability to look to the future without ever forgetting the past, "dressing" the quality and meticulous craftsmanship that distinguishes Italian industrial manufacturing with the modernity of an international approach, the cornerstone of which lies in the quality of the product. and the constant improvement of the services offered.