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Jomar, with more than 45 years of experience, places all its resources at your disposal, so that together you can get the best equipment for your needs. In this section you will find a wide variety of painting equipment, sandblasting, polyurea, polyurethane foam, vial, transfer, soil treatment, painting and blasting booths, from the main firms in the sector Graco, Devilbiss, Pomtava, Comet , Sagola, Josval.

You can inform us of your need, activity, product, application, to be able to advise you on the best option or if necessary to carry out tests, demonstrations,, until you get the best equipment for your application. Contact us.

16/200 Hidrolimpiadora FDX Hot Cube D Yanmar Autonoma de Agua caliente
€9,010.00 -30%
Tax excluded
Delivery in 24/48 hours
 Equipo Agua Alta Presion ``Hidrolimpiadora¨ Mod. COMET FDX Hot Cube 16/200 D Yanmar Agua Caliente Autonomo ✅ 30 >200 bars de presión Trabajo - ✅ Caudal 330 > 960 l/ horas - ✅ Temperatura de entre 78 >140 ºC - ✅ 11 Caballos de potencia ✔ 1560rpm, con conexiones rápidas ✔ Pistola con racor giratorio y conexión rápida incluida ✔ Manguera adecuada incluida ✔ Lanza recta de acero inoxidable con manilla regulable ✔ Filtro de agua autolimpiante